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Upcoming Acoustic Album and more

Since the past year Daniel Vega has joined to co-write music with Steven Bracamonte. They have planned a 10 song acoustic album that will eventually be used as a template for future songs with a coming band that will include drums and electric guitars. The music is written and being recorded. As of now they are performing the music live at upcoming events.


New Acousitc EP consisting of 5 songs was released by Steven Bracamonte under the project “Thought Stricken”

The music is planned to be used with a full band fully embody the effects of the original idea.

To support by purchasing the music please check these links for your respective listening option:


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Music Arts

‘Music’ what really is it?
Music is a broad term that is the art of a artificially evoking emotions and feelings in a listener. Even if that listener is yourself when first creating a composition.
The amazing thing about a composed song is its ability to take the listener through the emotional states of the composer as they wrote the music granted they would have to be able to play and express themselves through it first. This also brings to me the idea that everyone actually has a musician inside their brain that could (if ability was granted) be able to write and express themselves through song as well.

What happens when you now add lyrics to a composed piece?
when you put lyrics behind it you drive thoughts with words to go along with the music. This is powerful and can make things like love songs bring back memories and fully propel the listener into the original state they would have been in when they were in love, this along with a backdrop now of the emotionally evoking song would make a person long for love again if done right.
its powerful stuff and so its also why i don’t really like to sing about forgotten/lost love unless its a positive message and puts a person into a powerful state as opposed to a longing or non-self reliant state of mind.

This all starts to drill down to the reason behind music and why do we even experience it in the first place?

It had to have been a by-product of evolution. Some Theorists believe it has to do with Sexual Selection. This is the thought that musical expression was a way to demonstrate reproductive fitness. This could be partly the case but I believe it’s more likely that music is a by-product of a different biological mechanism used for survival. It’s not something very well understood just yet but we do know that syncopation and tempo is something unique to human brains. the ability to catch on to a ‘beat’ and predict the next beat, like pattern recognition is something that other animals don’t have a good ability of doing. The evolutionary origins are certainly of interest and something i would like to further extrapolate when given the chance.

Self titled Album Release

Album: Self Titled Release

Year: 2012

Producer: Sean Anthony Finucane of Poison Garden Records


Support appreciated.

Purchase 9 Track Album with Artwork:

 Smoke Fills The Air – Self Titled Album

Single Track Downloads Available in the Smoke Fills the Air Product Page 

Komplete Audio 6 Randomly Cuts out During Playback(Fixed) – Windows 10

Just got my Sound card the Komplete Audio 6. A beautiful device. I also bought myself the AKG-q Pro Headphones to start my music production projects with.

Sound Cards
Sound Cards

Audio 6 Driver install URL:

So I install it and hope everything works fine and for the most part everything did work great. I’m the kind of person who shoots first and asks questions later when installing something new and in this case I thought I screwed up since I kept getting random clipping when just using the KA6 for basic sound playback on my Windows 10 PC. I thought GREAT.

Tried my basic troubleshooting steps:
-Tried reconnecting to different USB ports no help
-Used Phones channels 1/2 and 3/4
-Checked sound settings but nothing odd
-Reinstalled Drivers but still issues-

Read several articles talking about using an external USB hub and thought sure I guess I can do that…

I thought why Don’t I just read the manual and see if there is anything going on there. And sure enough no one ever mentioned there is a Control Panel for the thing that installs with the drivers!

I found it in the following path on my PC:

“C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\Komplete Audio 6 Driver\nika6cpl.exe”

Here you can run diagnostics and monitor USB I/O issues. The tool advised me to Increase the “USB Buffer”KompleteClippingIssue

Sure enough after increasing to first 2 then testing and still getting errors I went to 3ms and I struck Gold. NO issues after more than an hour of play on that setting. No more clipping!


Hope this helps someone else diagnose this problem:)