Thought Stricken

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  • First Show of 2023
    The duo has got a line-up of shows coming up this year starting with this one at the “Boyle Heights Tavern” played on 01/21/23. Make sure to check the instagram for show announcements.
  • Upcoming Acoustic Album and more
    Since the past year Daniel Vega has joined to co-write music with Steven Bracamonte. They have planned a 10 song acoustic album that will eventually be used as a template for future songs with a coming band that will include drums and electric guitars. The music is written and being recorded. As of now they … Continue reading Upcoming Acoustic Album and more
    New Acousitc EP consisting of 5 songs was released by Steven Bracamonte under the project “Thought Stricken” The music is planned to be used with a full band fully embody the effects of the original idea. To support by purchasing the music please check these links for your respective listening option: iTunes Apple Music … Continue reading ACOUSTIC WORKS EP RELEASED BY THOUGHT STRICKEN
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